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           After working in Social Services for 10 years, It was time to help people prevent many of the tragedies that I previously helped people to overcome. I did this by joining the insurance community. Having the appropriate insurance plans in place is a blessing for families not only in times of crisis, but also to help make day to day life not only easier, but healthier. 

           At Herr Insurance, we are dedicated to working with the Affordable Care Act -- not against it. We contract with all health insurance provider's offering plans in our region of the state. Our goal is to help your enrollment in the health-care exchange go as smoothly as possible. We wan't you to know that you finish your enrollment with the best plan to not only meet your budget, but also your families individual health care needs. We will work with you to find a plan that allows you to see your preferred medical providers and to make sure that the medications that you take are affordable. 

          Housed in the small town of Magnolia, IL, we are community based and located. I can meet you to complete your enrollment where it is most comfortable for you--provided that we have access to a reliable internet connection.

          I look forward to meeting you and helping you start off 2017 confident in your healthcare plan decision. --Elisa Herr


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